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The days and weeks before a trip can be exciting, and stressful. What to pack, how to get from the airport to the hotel, what to do with the dog. There are all of the other little things; health insurance numbers, vaccination details, even a list of your prescriptions. 

We wanted to make a companion to your passport or ID that someone could carry with them on a daily or intermittent basis so that they don’t need to worry about all those other little details.

“We wanted to find a way to make people worry less when it comes to going places. When you worry less, you’re more open to finding new places and experiences.” owner Sterling White says. 

“When you feel more prepared, you go on more trips. You extend more trips, and meet new people.”

“Two of us had this idea while driving through Tibet thinking about all of the same preparation that goes into preparing for a trip.”

“What kind of document would you want if everything else was gone? You’d want your passport number, your prescription details. A credit card number. Maybe a picture of yourself to make it a little more legitimate. You don’t get that with just a passport.”

“We all love collecting passport stamps, but we wanted a place where you could list your trips to domestic cities, and all the places you go once you’ve arrived in a new country. It’s a more accurate record of where you’ve been.”

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